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If you want to learn how to protect your portfolio and improve your returns in the stock market, not some pie in the sky get rich overnight dumpster fire, read on.

We narrow down the universe of stocks to our top 5 ideas, picked with sniper precision, delivered weekly to your inbox before the market opens.

We don’t just blast random ideas. We read the markets, make money when it’s available and protect capital when we need to. We are professional traders! Over the past few weeks, we featured ideas that returned over 30%.

Past weeks' top 5 wins

And screenshots of our newsletter, with these wins.


Featured in Monday, December 5th's newsletter. This was a monster trade with a 30.72% return.



Featured in Monday, January 23rd's newsletter. This was a monster trade with a 27.31% return.



Featured in Monday, January 23rd's newsletter. This monster trade gave us a 15.29% return.



Featured in Tuesday, January 17th's newsletter. The stock gave us a 12.10% return.



Featured in Monday, January 23rd's newsletter. This stock gave us a 6.24% return.


**Please understand our results are not typical, we're not implying you'll duplicate them. The average person who trades stocks get little to no results. Any investment is at your own risk.

What sets us apart?

We’re the red pill of stock picking services.

Red pill

We don't spray and pray by giving you 20 or 30 picks a day or underwhelm you with 2 or 3 picks a month. There's no annoying dashboard to access. No distracting products to upsell. No brokerage or commission fees. No penny stocks. No over complicated strategies.

Regardless if you're a beginner or a professional trader. Whether you have a little to invest or a lot, all you need is actionable ideas and a road map to guide you—all of which we provide. With us, you'll receive our top 5 stock ideas, picked by elite traders with sniper precision, delivered weekly to your inbox before the market opens. Each stock idea will include an entry point, stop loss, and profit target—no guesswork.

Our premise is simple—mirror our stock ideas and put yourself on the path to greater wealth.

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I always had a hard time filtering through all the noise in the market and figuring out which stocks I should avoid. This newsletter has made it clear as day for me and given me back hours!

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Edgar A.

I’ve made some incredible returns with this newsletter, highly recommend it.They manage to find these gems for stock picks and deliver them weekly.

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Mario S.

Investing requires a battle plan, and this is it! Excellent analysis, solid picks in either up or down markets and realistic returns.

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Tra S.

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